Not just another Aerial Photographer!
- it takes more than an out-of-the-box drone to produce the best results!
Following in the path of the noted polymath, innovator and first Aerial photographer Gaspard-Félix Tournachon we can justifiably claim that our professional skills and experience in both the photographic and engineering arenas acquired over several decades have combined to achieve the kind of results that others can only emulate.
Giving a new meaning to the phrase
'Hanging Out'
Gaspard-Félix Tournachon 1820-1910 - the first aerial photographer
What are the benefits of SUA aerial photography?
Images taken from a superior position give you a unique and powerful new perspective on your subject. Previous methods using booms, ladders, cranes or helicopters can be difficult to manage, dangerous, intrusive or, in the case of helicopters, very expensive!
Who do we do it for?
Anyone involved with or interested in Property, Tourism, Promotion, Advertising, Marketing, WEB design, Surveying, Inspection, Archaeology, Conservation, Forestry, Health and Safety, Outdoor events, Construction ... the list goes on!
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Why use us?
There's a clue in the name! We pride ourselves on the skills, experience and creativity of our professional pilot-photographers. They work quickly and economically, achieving the kind of results that others can only emulate at a fraction of the cost!
Is it safe?
Unlike our friend Gaspard over 150 years ago, we no longer have to perform life-threatening manouvres to get the perfect shot! When on-site our major consideration is public safety so our projects are meticulously planned and risk assessed. We are in full compliance with our regulatory body the Civil Aviation Authority who permit us to carry out commercial air operations and set the high standards required for pilot competancy.
For further information contact us at 01392 348489/07429 683008 or Our other interesting, varied and technical activities can be seen on our main site

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